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Hi, I’m Max and I’m a dog walker and cat sitter. Over 15 years ago, I became a volunteer for Kitty Kind and Mighty Mutts, two great associations that help rescuing pets here in the city. 


When I moved to New York I used a few dog walking and pet sitting companies for my puppy Jake and for my cat Erik, but I soon discovered the reality of the business: group walking, high turnover of inexperienced dog walkers and your pet’s priorities at the bottom of the list. 


So I decided I would take care of pets with my own philosophy and rules:  only walk one pet at a time, no cancellation fees, and daily updates by email. 


Because at the end of the day, it's not just about walking dogs, it's about becoming their mentor, best friend and playmate.

It's about creating a bond. 

That’s what makes me different. 

And pets know.


Max The Pet Nanny

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